September  Birthdays

l to r: Barbara Mattichak, Mabel Weisser, Helen Marinelli, Marj Balogh, Donna Nadler, Sally Murray, Karen Clark
Oak Village Women's Club
 Sugarmill Woods  Homosassa, Florida
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October Birthdays
​l to r: Diane Frueh, Nancy Smith, Rusty Ryal, Michelle Waller, Elaine Tyjewski, Gail Gorin, Gail Cooper, Pat Schuessler, Joy Sawaya, Dee Green, Janet Pierson, Diana Walters

 October is breast cancer awareness month, everyone was urged to think pink.

September 2017 - Information Exchange
Our community has so much to offer that after our lunch tables were manned for any questions we might have on our various activities and or volunteer work: 

  Mahjong, Tennis, Bowling, Book Club, Bunko, Day Trips, Garden Club, Food Pantry, Hospice, 
  Nature Coast Therapy dogs, Senior vs. Crime and Sheriff’s Office, Civic Association and Women of
  Sugarmill Woods.
"Responsibility is not a great weight on your shoulders. It is your ABILITY to RESPOND, and we all know when we hear that call.

Recreation is TO MAKE NEW AGAIN. The renewal of body and spirit is essential in meeting the challenges we all face.

We avail ourselves of these in the UNITY of Community."

Cindy Crnek
Today we celebrated Patriot's Day, in memory of those who lost their lives in the 9-11 disaster.  Red, white and blue were the colors of the day!

October's Community Connection was a visit from Skip Christensen (left).  Skip has been a volunteer at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for years.  Skip talked about the activities at the park, what his duties are, volunteer opportunities as well as the general care and feeding the many animals located at the park.  

Our ladies in the pink are seated l to r:  Marj Balogh, Bunny Wade, Roberta Keyes and Anna Facer.  

Standing l to r: Gail Gorin, Gail Cooper, Elaine Tyjewski, Diane Frueh, Leslie Sherry and Alice Croft
Lunch was a fabulous buffet.  Following lunch we all participated in a getting to know you activity. Additionally, there were sign up sheets for the various activities attended by our members.